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Travel Pack - graphite, blue, plum, teal, graphite (LC)

Item# : 701003

Each of these five mini-sized Norwex antibacterial EnviroCloths remove bacteria, dust, dirt and grease from all washable surfaces using only water—no chemicals!

This product was independently tested for harmful substances according to the strict global criteria of STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

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16 cm x 16 cm / 6.3" x 6.3"
  • Problem & Solution

    You want to share with others how the Norwex EnviroCloth® can get all the surfaces in their homes as clean as possible, as quickly as possible— without chemicals that can make their families sick and without paper towels that contribute to overloaded landfills and deforestation.

    Rely on our Travel Pack to help you share the remarkable capabilities of our ultra-thick and absorbent EnviroCloth in a more cost-effective way. Just like our full-size EnviroCloth, the Travel Pack’s smaller version cleans safely, quickly and thoroughly to save time, money and the environment using only water! Plus the Travel Pack is convenient for on-the-go cleaning jobs!

  • Use & Care
    • Slightly dirty microfiber can be washed with Norwex Dishwashing Liquid under warm running water and used again before laundering. Rinse thoroughly after washing and air or machine dry.
    • Cloths that have been used heavily should be laundered using a Norwex laundry detergent, which contains no fillers, after each use.
    • Do not use bleach, fabric softeners or dryer sheets.
  • Features & Benefits
    • All the same great benefits of the Norwex EnviroCloth: cuts cleaning time in half and saves you money by using only water; no need for harsh chemicals
    • Norwex Microfiber has the ability to remove up to 99% of bacteria from a surface with only water when following the proper care and use instructions.
    • Contains our exclusive BacLock* agent.
    • STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®certification keeps you and your family safe from harmful substances.
    • This product and its components have been tested against a list of over 350 harmful substances according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.
    • The compact EnviroCloth traps dust and grime in the cloth and leaves surfaces cleaner, so you won’t have to clean as often.
    • Convenient for travel, in the car, in your purse or diaper bag.
    • Champagne and rose quartz colored cloths are each made from 70% recycled materials!
    • Makes a great gift and perfect for sharing with others who are interested in cleaning without chemicals.
  • Did You Know?
    • Due to their synthetic nature, microfibers are stronger and less prone to breaking than natural fibers. They will not undergo protein breakdown, or proteolysis, like organic materials.

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